Monday 3 March 2008

Oh.. I have an award!

My friend Jackie is a real sweetie and sent me an award!!!! How nice.. isn't she nice?
Now, apparantly I need to send this award onto five people...

Firstly, I'll send it onto Nikki because she is ace! We have just rekindled a fantastic friendship and found out that we have absolutley LOADS in common.. and always have a laugh.. I will also send it onto Janice, just because she always makes my day... Also, my sister, Julie, who I almost always (unless she's nagging at me!) have a laugh with.. I'll send it to Sheila Oliver too, who I find an inspiration, and I have a daily look on her blog! And my last one will be Hazel, who is a lovely lady who often leaves comments on my blog, and makes lovely cards!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Jo!
    You are a real sweetie!

    I'd like to send it to you too...

    Thank you for always being there, for listening to me moan about various things (you know) and for being a fab teacher!

    Nikki x


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