Sunday 2 March 2008

Mothers Day Suprise!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone reading - well, if you're a mother that is.. lol.. My mum loved her card, and the flowers too..

This morning, I was given a china cup, which is lovely from Martina., I had a bouquet of flowers delivered, they were from Carley, and some chocolates, from Leyton, and a box from the puppies.. which I just had to show you!
These were what the outside looked like....

and this was the inside... I thought it was really funny...I can see my girls have the same SOH as I have! Do you notice anything unusual??

And...does Scooby look bothered? I don't think so...(in his favourite position leaning on the door!)


  1. Hi Jo,
    Happy Mothers Day!
    Have a look on my blog to see what I got!
    I love the pics!!

    Nikki x

  2. I hope you haven't eaten all the doggy treats at once. :)
    You have an award, see my blog!


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