Sunday 9 December 2007

Moan time!

I am feeling all fed up and moany! We have been waiting for a homecheck for our little Winston, he's in rescue in Oxford, and we enquired about him a few weeks ago.. anyway, to cut a long story short, we had got him on the result of the homecheck - the homechecker never arrived even after rearranging a few times.. anyway, Paul has waited in all morning for the one today to turn up, who eventually (!!) rang at 12 to say they weren't coming! Unreliable! So, I just got in from work and he told me, so I've rang and told them I wasn't happy .

Anyway, the outcome is that little Winston isn't coming to live with us.. they are rehoming him in their area ( he was quite a distance from us), so.... I am feelinga bit fed up.. moany... and upset at the situation - but we'll keep on looking so watch this space......! We really wanted a rescue dog, to give it a new chance in life, to live in a loving home with Holly, but it just isn't working out!

yours depressingly..

Jo xx

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