Wednesday 12 December 2007

Brrrrrr.......... it's freezing!!!

Morning campers!
Just a quickie blog today.. and sorry I've no cards to show, but here's a great link which I found by looking at Emma's blog yesterday, and it has some fab projects on there.. My personal favourite has to be the advent calendar.. take a look here at the site and enjoy!

And there are also some new Sugar Nellie stamps out - if you haven't seen these, check them out.. they're really sweet! Thanks to all over at Bex's forum who sent me some of these images to have a play with.. I'm ordering some after the Christmas rush (did I say some? I really meant quite a few! lol).. They're just fab.. watch this space for some finished cards now I've had time to get some coloured in.

I had a really busy day yesterday. I finished off 53 Christmas cards for the local vets. They are having an open day on Sunday to raise money for some different animal charities, so I told them I would make them some cards to sell. I used alot of the Penny Black stamps which have been laying around since last year doing not alot, and it's taken me around 2 days to finish them off. All sealed and delivered yesterday - but I was in such a rush with other things, I forgot to take some photos of them before I took them down! Stupid me.. I will try to recreate some for my personal christmas cards (which I still haven't started!) and post them when I get chance.

Well, that's all from me for now folks.. off to check my emails now..

Tata for now!


  1. Sounds familiar about now having to do your own cards! You're an early bird this morning (and this is early for me!). Have a good day, Jo.

  2. That sounds just like me! IO make cards and forget to scan or photograph them! I started my Christmas cards yesterday and have to carry on today as I have loads to do but no real inspiration to get them done!!!


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