Tuesday 10 May 2016


What song do you think of when you say Hello? Well, for me it's Lionel Ritchie... but it could be Adele, or it could be the Beatles... but this little Hello is for my little Postbox... 

When I first got my sweet little postbox, I decided I want to make it quite oldy-worldy by keeping it one colour with a bit of ironwork around the bottom of it. That was all I thought, but as the card progressed, I thought it would be lovely to add some greenery too... so where did I start. Let's see!

The first thing was to do a simple stylee card, using the navy base layers from the Sew Pretty dies as you can see on the card. I had had two leftover from another project so this was perfect place to start. I then cut out my white layer and decided to add some greenery for my box to stand into. But as it was standing in grass, I needed clouds. 

So. The inky clouds were the first thing to go on my white background. Easy peasy. 
Next... the grass was cut from green card and rubbed over the edges with dark green ink to add shade. These were then cut to the shape of the frame using the same die as the outer edge. 

The leaves and flowers were cut from the Sew Pretty dies, set one and placed just so they peeped out of the bottom of the postbox. 

I proceeded to cut two layers of my postbox, one from silver and one from navy cardstock. And to the embossed area of the navy I added some of our Tonic Mousse in silver to add a bit of highlight. 

The card was all popped together with glue and foam pads to add dimension, as you can see in the picture above. I also added a stamped sentiment, and some little hearts which I had left from my Diamond Trellis panel dies. 

It looks more complicated than it actually is - promise!! - and you don't have to feel you need to add the greenery flowers at the bottom... you don't. It will look equally as nice just plain and simple. 

Hope you likey. xxxx

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