Wednesday 24 June 2015

Mixing the wreaths....

Oh what a day.... !

You know those sorts of days when nothing seems to go right ? Well... I had one of those sorts of days today. 

Firstly, doing a bit of the ol' housework (always a bad thing in my book me thinks!) I decided to try some new stainless steel spray that I have for the kitchen. I took off the pieces from the hob and quickly decided to stick the ignition prodder thingy-ma-jig right under my nail. Talk about sore!!! 

Needless to say though, the stainless steel is shining brightly, no smears in sight. But the finger is still sore. Hey ho. I can still craft - sort of! As long as it doesn't include removing backings from double sided tapes and foam pads, I'm fine. But on the brighter side, I still have seven fingers left that are working correctly. Hehe. 

So, what do I have today for your post? Well. I decided to show you the muted colour card that I created for the Rococo Christmas, and one that combines the two wreath dies that are in the sets. 

The starting point for the card was the paper. I wanted a tartan christmas type of card, but not too heavy on the tartan. I found this paper in a Kanban pack that I had in my stash, and it went perfectly with the snowflake paper that contained the metallic details. 

I took the colours for the wreath from the colours within the papers, and cut and layered as I went along until it looked right. The paper in the centre of the wreath framed the smaller Rococo wreath die perfectly. 

I added a few layers to the Rococo die, using green base, then white centre and green top. I used some gilding wax in gold to bring out some of the details in the berries of the top layer, then drop shadowed the layers as I stuck them together. The circles that this section is mounted onto were cut from the layering circle dies - an invaluable set for anyones stash!

I chose a small tartan bow in soft grey to finish off the card and added a few gold card candy's here and there to complete it.

I do love how this card turned out, I must admit it is one of my favourites.. but then the die sets lend themselves to create such a variety of projects, it's hard to choose just one favourite I must admit.

Which one is yours? Do you have a favourite? Leave me a comment and tell me which one. I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time... Happy Crafting!
Jo xx

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