Monday 9 January 2012

Are you keeping up?

I did my Resolutions list on my last post... and so far is so good! I'm keeping up with them.. well, to a degree.. the 'being organised' one is being done today - but better late than never eh?

The 'Out with the old, in with the new' is going okay. And I'm not regretting it for a minute, and so far have been working on the OLD bit.. I'm keeping my promise to myself and feeling great about it too. The New side of it will be commencing this week when I get a minute! lol.

I am really pleased that this week I was down at Create and Craft doing three shows (more on this later.. ) and I met the wonderfully lovely Jane Greenoff. What a really nice lady! We were both talking about the New Year, and our Resolutions and we both said that we were going to be more organised... I'm not sure how Jane's is going, but mine isn't doing too bad. I've got plans to write up for the Blog, and lists that need to be listed!!

De-cluttering - well... this one is going superbly well!! I even spent an hour yesterday sorting out my demo bag for this past weekend, and put everything where it should be. All little bits of paper that I won't use have been thrown away, and my clutter has been tidied.. result!! It is a fantastic feeling walking into a tidy craft room, already to start the next crafting episode!

Now... the photography side... well.. that hasn't happened. However, I've been playing with my new Flip video over the past few days to get more used to it - so hold on to your horses.. more video tutorials coming soon!!! It's fab. And I love it. Soooo easy to use.

Let me know, how are you doing with your Resolutions!? Are you keeping them?

So.. onto Create and Craft, and I had a great time. Thank you so much for your emails. Sorry if we didn't get chance to read them all out, but I did see them. There was a lovely picture sent in from Nicola (NJ) and I was in awe of it. Nicola, if you're reading this, please send it to me so I can show it on my blog.

The first show I was doing glass painting with Martin, the second was acrylic painting with Leonie and the third was with Howard, and a mix of glass and acrylic painting.

The three hours went very quickly, but it was great fun. As I said, I'd been talking to Jane in the Green Room, in between our shows, as we were both there all day, and she is a lovely person. Very calming, and very funny. She was showing me the new Cross Stitch designer program for the computer - and I must admit, I'm quite tempted.. But. I haven't done much cross stitch for a few years, and the pieces she showed me has totally inspired me to start again!

So, on Friday, I picked up a needle, some threads, some linen and started stitching. Just in the evenings, but it's been nice to keep my fingers busy and be sat in the room with the wooflets and hubby and have an hour chillin' and sewin'.

I'll show you the finished results when I'm completed! lol.

I've also this week had my first demo for 2012.. I was really excited to be visiting Craft Central again, because I knew the lovely Jackie was going to be there. She is such an inspiring person, so friendly, and genuine, and a pleasure to know.

The demo went really well, and I had a great time with new and old customers who came to see the new Docrafts products being shown - and what a lovely range there is this month too!! Such freshness for January - the pinks, the blues, the royal colours.. just fab!! And the Diggity Dog... oh wow... lovely woofers - evidently I love this range!!!

And if you fancy winning some of the new range of papers, Docrafts are giving away 23 sets worth over £40 each... just click HERE to enter.

This month's prizes include all paper sizes, mini buttons, blitters, ribbons, bows and more.. Here's a peep..

Fab eh?

Right.. must make a move - it's Craft Class tomorrow so I need to get sorted.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Really enjoyed the demo on Saturday and well done on sticking to your resolutions.
    Gail x


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