Sunday 18 September 2011

Oh what a journey!

Well, after quite an horrendous week with one thing or another, I can honestly say, I have never been so pleased to see home as I was yesterday... even if it took a while to get there!

I took my usual bi-monthly trip up to Southport to do my Docrafts demo, and the day went brilliantly. Everyone was so lovely and my usual ladies and gents were all eager to learn some different techniques, and also to talk about their current makes which is always nice.

I set off home a little later than 4pm, and on the way back, it said that there were problems on the M62 between junctions 21 and 24.. exactly where I needed to be! So I came off at junction 20 and took a diversion - courtesy of Mrs Satnav! Well... did she throw a wobbly!!! The sat nav basically didn't have a clue where I was going and ended up somewhere up above Rochdale, up hill and down dale, (and believe me if I tell you the hills were really high!). I went onto an 'A' road (or so satnav said!) although, I am totally unsure that this... see below... is an A road!

It  looks more like a muck track to me! However, the drive around the hills ( !! ) was quite nice and scenic, and I stopped to call home, but alas no signal.. so I took a few photos instead. Well... it's better than nothing eh?!

I had to drive over the bridge on this photo above... how brave am I?!

So... as you can see... lovely scenery! I am honestly not sure of where I ended up.. but I arrived home near enough three hours later than I should've been! Home sweet home... so pleased to have got there finally, I can tell you!

Back to crafting tomorrow.. then hospital appointments again from Tuesday.. let's see how this week pans out - surely it's got to be better than the last!

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  1. OMG the middle of nowhere - bloomin sat navs can be a right pain when they do this LOL. Lovely scenery though. Hugs, Claire x


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