Tuesday 12 July 2011

Getting in the Christmas Spirit.

Yes, it's not long to go now, and I'm getting all ready for Christmas. My daughter even spoke about starting her christmas shopping this month... ! Mind you, it's a good idea really. Although with my children, they probably wouldn't even know what they want. I'd buy what they say, then they'd change their minds.. haha.

But keeping with the Christmas mood, here's a little something that has been travelling around my demo's with me.


It was made from matchboxes and the Ultimate kit from the Christmas Forever Friends collection. It came together really easily once I'd made my mind up how big to make it, what to add to the top etc.. and I think it looks really lovely. So pleased with it - and everyone wants to keep it.. so it stays next to me at my demo's, and is chained to the desk!!


The little Forever Friend characters are so cute. I love cute. Did you guess?!

There are so many in the Ultimate pack too - it seems to go on forever!

Well.. I'll love you and leave you for now. Check back soon... and happy crafting!


  1. WOW this is just gorgeous - love all the detail. Hugs, Claire x

  2. This is great! I'm such a FF fan and the new ultimate pack is truly never ending, I love it! :)

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  4. OMG i can hardly believe Michaels craft stores here are already stocking and advertising Christmasy crafts too!!! I'm not ready!!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards!
    Tryin to get thru Ambers' 20th birthday end of month! lol
    Can u believe its been almost a year since we visited you folks too????? Boggles my mind!
    xoxo Love ya to bits n bits

  5. I adore this, going to have a go and make one from the retro FF cd's, thanks for the inspiration!


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