Thursday 18 September 2008

Christmas is a-coming...

... it's definately getting closer! I don't know if I've done the right thing or not by putting the counter on my blog.. it's quite scary actually knowing how long is left! I must admit.. I absolutely love Christmas and everything about it!

So.. I decided today, after everything that's gone on this week, or past few months really, that life is most definately too short to concentrate on work all the time - so I have today had a little bit of 'me' time. It's been lovely getting to have a rummage in all me drawers and seeing what lies underneath the first 5 inches.. an awful lot of stuff I forgot I had!!!

So - what did I manage to produce in my couple of hours in the studio? Well.. here they are!

The first one is a Sassy little Snowman.. all the products on this card are Lili of the Valley. I layered up the snowman, then added a little bit of glitter glue to give him some sparkle.

This is a classic little Christmas Tree.. and a pretty one at that. Again, it's all Lili of the Valley products.. and I decided to layer up the tree with a pyrimage effect.
This is a close up..

I just made each layer slightly smaller than the one before.. finished off with a green edge. Perfect! I think it's quite snazzy.. what do you think?? Again, the card was finished off with a little bit of sparkle - just for Christmas you understand!


  1. These are fantastic cards. I really like the Christmas tree that is layered. Your art amazes me


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