Thursday 2 June 2016

Creating a shaped card blank from your Tonic verso dies

Good evening all...

Isn't time flying this week? Blimey... it doesn't seem two minutes since it was the start of the Bank Holiday and now it's all over, colder weather has come in and things have gone haywire!

I've had a few appointments this week with the chiropractor to try to sort out my shoulder. I really should learn not to slip and land on it shouldn't I? But it's finally getting sorted after putting up with it since early February and it's definately less painful. So, sorry for being a bit absent this week... but things went a bit bonkers.

So... what do I have for you today... well, it's another unedited video - a very quick one to show how to make a card blank using your shaped dies.

**Silly me - forgot that I was using a heavier weight card and when I went to put the lattice in the base it didn't cut perfectly. Just be aware that you need to watch the weight of your card, or at least turn it to get a good cut.**

Enjoy the video, I hope you find it a little bit helpful. xx


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