Friday 14 February 2014

All my love hearts

There's something rather lovely about hearts, red roses and valentines that makes you go all mushy isn't there... and this year, I managed to combine all three of those things to create a couple of little cards for this special day. I didn't give the blue one to anyone, as I was just playing about with the Tonic dies really, but the red one was handed over to the Hubby. First Valentines card for a few years lol. 

I opted to keep the layout of the cards quite simple really, just choosing my colours and using white as my layers in between. I think they're really eye catching. 

This is the close up of the red card I did, and you can see all the beautiful detail in the Tonic die cut. Just amazing! I have a little collection of these beauties after spending time working with them the other week over at Manchester, and I just love them. I love the way they all link together, and work with one another. I love the way they cut, and the way the designs are simply delightful. 

Here are the two cards I made, and you can see just by changing the colours and adding depth and layer to the cards how you can make them pop. The blue one has a little addition to it that i added the other day, so I will show you that tomorrow. 

But here you can see the whole card. This is the same layout that I have used for both, same dies, different colours. 

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of working with my long awaited Docrafts kit.... and it is beautiful. I took it all out of the box, put it all back in and sat and admired it. I know that isn't what you are supposed to do with the items, but they're just toooooo nice to use!!

I have some stamping and colouring to do tomorrow, and then its on to the other bits of the kits to put them all together. i hope you check back on my progress later in the week... it would be lovely to have you pop by. 

Until then.... Happy Crafting!


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  1. Very intricate dies, stunning results. Looking forward to seeing what you added to the blue version in your next post.

    It was great to meet you in Manchester, hope the Copic pens i dropped off for you on the Saturday are enjoying being with you. Take care:-) x


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