Tuesday 12 March 2013

Going a-travelling...

Evening cuppycakes!!

How are we all? Well, I am not entirely sure where this week has disappeared to, but I do know that I haven't really had much time to do alot! However, I have had time to do a little baking....

You know how it is... the other night, I was sat reading a craft magazine, and decided I wanted to bake something. I don't really know why, but melting moments came to mind, as I'd not made this in years! In fact, the last time I made any of these wonderful little things was for a competition at school, during the home economics class (yes, that's cookery to me and you!) and I was entered as one of a group of students entering for the North East Derbyshire section.. as far as I remember, the ones I made back then tasted alot nicer than these ones did! I don't know why. But I remember they did.

In addition to making Melting Moments, I have also been busy tonight making cupcakes.

These ones are a new recipe - Maple and Pecan. And although I didn't think they'd turn out too brilliantly, they are actually really nice!!

 You see the little pieces on the top? Well, that's the pecans in a caramel toffee brittle. I can't actually believe that the toffee brittle was so easy to make! I'm quite pleased with how these turned out... but then these little beauties are my favourite!

These are the Lime and Coconut ones. 

Enough about food..... and onto the craft.

This past Saturday I was at Reams in Derby demonstrating for Docrafts. Customers were lovely as usual, and everyone seemed to like the Build a Scene dies.. Of course, the Galleon came up trumps for those who wanted to create something with a more masculine theme.

This card was a group inspiration really.. I had started to use the fab papers from the new Papermania All Aboard range, and someone mentioned that it would look fab if there was a galleon as it looked a little like a treasure map. So, of course, their wish is my command... and here it is..

 I've layered up various sheets of the All Aboard papers, and then plonked a pirate ship right in the middle! I think it looks rather cut.. what do you think?

I also did a rather plainer card. Just simple matting and layering onto the card blank, and you have something really special just by using these new papers etc.

I really hope you like today's post... I will be back tomorrow with another.. albeit, it will be from the decidedly sunnier climes of England - the Bournemouth coastline!

Yes, I'm off down to Docrafts Land to film more episodes of Creativity TV with Katy and Emma.. .and a special guest will be popping in too I'm sure... providing the snow holds off that is.

I will post more for you tomorrow.. my eyes are getting tired, and fingers aren't working to the best of their ability.. lol..

So, bye for now!!! Check back tomorow when I'll be sharing some more bits and pieces. x


  1. Jo, these cookies n cuppycakes look absolutely scrumptious!!! I think i gained afew pounds just looking at them! Love coconutty things!!!
    Your cards are scrumptious lookin too!!!! As always!!! You look like you got more done in one day then we did all month as we are still tryin to get at painting the hall here! lol
    love to you all xoxo
    Lesley & fam

  2. I made Chocolate Melting Moments at school, and still have the original recipe folder with recipes typed by the school secretary !! The cakes looks lovely, especially the lime and coconut cupcakes, and as for the crafty bits, I like the torn paper for the sea :)

  3. Ok Jo you made me so hungry after seeing all the cakes!!! I went and did some baking lmaoooo cards are gorgeous you really inspire me huggles hun xxx Sue

  4. Love these last two cards, fab designs x


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