Wednesday 6 March 2013

Chitty chat

Evening all...

I do have a very quick project to share with you all at the end of the post, but before that, I thought I'd just spend a bit of time catching up with you all..

Have you all had a nice day? I have had a lovely day today, finishing off a few bits and bobs in the craft room, starting other bits and bobs ready for the weekend, and all that with my thinking cap on about another project I need to come up with in the next day or so....!

It's been quite a strange sort of day today really.. the mist was in this morning, really dull and foggy and to be honest, it hasn't really lifted all that much tonight. In fact, I'd say it's a real pea-souper! We've also had some of the roofing work finished on the house.. only a few more bits to go, then the house will be all ready for next Winter. Bless Reece, from HDT Roofing.. he's an absolute star. Up on the roof in this weather - it's freezing cold, but he doesn't complain.. Rather him than me sat on my roof tiles, that is for sure. He's done our roofing work for the last 25 years we've been here, if ever we've needed any.

My friend and craft-class helper Tracey has been round tonight. She's picked up a few little special packages that were waiting for her, and also had a dollop of my Earl Grey and Chocolate cake. It had been waiting in anticipation for Tracey for a couple of days and was thoroughly enjoyed too me thinks.. It's always lovely to see her too, as we exchange ideas and thoughts on crafting. Great fun.

So... onto my card for tonight, and this one is  a very quick one I did at my demo last weekend to show some of the All Aboard range of products..

It is in fact a money voucher card, one that would take a credit card size voucher and is held in place with a little pocket.

The outside of the holder is a layer of paper from the 12 inch pack, and then the spine fastened together with some of the wonderful craft tape. The topper was a tag which I did some resist stamping, and embossing onto before colouring it up to match the background.

The bunting is one of my favourite things at the moment... made simply from the craft tapes again. The pink bow is a customer request, as she thought it needed making a little more 'girly'. lol..

Well, I am going to get off and get to sleep.. it's a little late and I have lots of work to catch up with tomorrow.. this week is going soooo quickly!

Whatever you're upto tomorrow, have fun. Until next time.... happy crafting! xxx


  1. i think your card is lovley and i would be very happy to recive that xxx

  2. Simply BRILL!!! You've outdone yourself once again!!! xoxo love Lesley

  3. love it, love all your stuff xxxx


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