Friday 22 March 2013

Answering a few questions...

Hi all...

Just a very quick post this morning as I really need to get on with some work, and I've had a really bad couple of days... but quite a few folks have messaged me regarding a card I made on Create and Craft last week.

I had coloured an image using my watercolour pencils, but blended it with a paper stump. Now, for those that asked, in the jar I had the sponge part of a washing up sponge plonked in the base of the small jar (mine was a baby food jar, but you can use one of the mini jam jars) and then soaked it in sansador.

Sansador is what I use because when blending it stays nice and dry and means that I can blend tones on top of each other. Now, you can also use baby oil (small amounts of!) and also white spirit. The sansador is basically white spirit with the fumes taken out..

As you can see, you can get a really nice textured blend using the stumps. Now, you can also use water to blend the pencils, obviously, but this gives quite a light, watercoloured type of image, whereas the effect I wanted was a little darker and more tonal.

The other thing that was asked, was about what colour I use to stamp the outline with. Usually, I tend to stick to black, well... I say black, it's actually Coal Black from Ancient Page, which gives quite a light black, more a grey, colour. I find this less harsh than a solid black. 

On the image above, I used Artiste Chocolate dye based ink pad. Now, remember not to use the dye inks when you are using water, but if you're using blending solution, then dye or permanent ink will suffice. 

Using the chocolate dye based ink as my outline meant that I could add darker tones around the edges to blend in the coloured edges, giving an overall softer look. 

Is that okay? 

I hope I've explained everything as you asked... I hope it helps a little. xx


  1. Thanks Jo, I've only just started using my pencils, so seeing the effect you had with the white spirit i was gluded. to the tv screen!
    Wish id knew about this sooner!
    Ta again and take care x
    (keeping me eyes open for more handy little hints).

  2. Hi Jo, this is a great help, thank you!
    Now if only I could colour 5 per cent as good as you I would be happy!
    Debs x

  3. Morning Jo

    Your colouring is fantastic... its hard to believe its coloured pencils. I do have a paper stump but was stumped on how to use it (sorry for the pun lol) but now I know so thank you very much

    Sue xx

  4. Love your pictures and colouring as always!!!! Simply Beautiful! ......but uhmmm, exactly what's paper stump???? wonderin if we have something similar here in Canada.
    Love you xx

  5. I'm sorry to hear you have had a bad time lately keep your chin up. Thanks for the info on blending I have purchased a refillable Dove blending pen and that seems to be good at blending watercolour pencils as well. Will definitely try the Sansador. Many thanks
    June x


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