Wednesday 30 January 2013

Goodnight Kiara

Today is a very sad day in the Austin Household. Today is the day we lost our little furbaby, Kiara cat.

She was a funny little character, always full of fun. Some days you didn't know how to take her - maybe she'd act like she wanted a love and a cuddle, but when you tried she would make it plain and simple that she absolutely did NOT! lol.

In her later years - she would've been 14 in June, Kiara had a habit of sitting in things, or on things, maybe part due to the fact that we found her at around two weeks old, dumped in a carrier bag with her siblings. She was raised by us, and the only person she really loved was her daddy Leyton. Anyone else... forget it!

Over the past year, she spent time outside, sitting out on the patio, or just outside the door. Never wanting to venture more than a few yards outside. Mainly to lick the concrete ( yes, told you she was a bit strange!) and to flop around. Here she is looking perfect, just like we should remember her.

And then this is the usual pose... flat on her back, tummy to the world.

One of Kiara's other loves was her daddy. Here she is, making it obvious that SHE is the most important thing to him... not college work.. just her! She became the most loving, perfect little cat. A far cry from the scratchy, clawy, little vindictive horror that she was when she was little.

RIP Kiara Puss... as Leyton said - You found each other, You loved each other, You'll always be together. Always.

Play nice over Rainbow Bridge my little darling. Run free and out of pain with all our furbabies up there. You were uniquely amazing. We will never forget you. Love you forever.

14th June 1999 - 30th January 2013


  1. What gorgeous pictures, and such happy memories. So sorry for you both. Hugs, Sally

  2. Oh Jo I am so sad to read you lost Keira, she was an adorable kitty and obviously very much loved... sending you big big hugs xxx

  3. So sorry Jo, its never easy x

  4. Jo there are no words to make you all feel better so sending you (((((hugs))))))instead xxx

  5. Jo there are no words to make you all feel better so sending you (((((hugs))))))instead xxx

  6. Thinking of u. A lovely written tribute x

  7. Lovely tribute to a much loved fur baby xx

  8. Sorry to hear that Jo - she certainly looked a sweet girl. My Jasper looked a sweet boy too!

  9. So sorry to hear this Jo. What a fabulous tribute to Kiara, I am sure she agrees. Take care.

  10. Jo i have just seen this and i am so sorry, she looked like a beautiful little character and She was v lucky to have a wonderful family who loved her. I am sure she is laying in the sun smiling down from the bridge x


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