Thursday 24 January 2013


Hello again!

Sorry it's taken me a few days to update my ol' blog with a few more things for you to look at, but this week has been a bit of a hard one for us.

Our little cat Kiarra, is very poorly, and we've had to make the hard decision of what to do for the best.

She went to the vets two weeks ago because her top teeth had fallen out in a matter of a couple of days. They thought there were underlying causes, but most importantly, she had a bad tooth which they needed to get out. 

Now, because of the anaesthetic, they decided it was best to do a blood test as she is nearly 14, to make sure it would be safe. She had also lost 10% of her body weight since September which is apparantly quite alot. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a phone call from the vets last week questioned the fact that the results were indeed right as the levels of red and white cells were very high (and I mean REALLY high - so high that the vet, nor the lab, had ever seen anything like it!) And repeat bloods were done straight away. 

They've concluded that the first set were right, and unfortunately she has leukaemia. This is quite a shock to us, as you can imagine, as we thought she was just looking her age. But the photo today, I think, shows just how poorly she is looking. It's a hard decision to make - that final choice - but I'm sure we'll manage to make it. Today, she was sat on knee, photo above, wanting lots of cuddles and pawsie holding. She loves to hold your fingers in her front paw. 

Anyway.. on a brighter note, today, I thought I would share a little card with you from the new Birdsong DVD that was our Pick of the Week this week. 

 I think I'm a bit in love with this disc, I must admit... I mean, just look at this card. Beautiful lacy edges, wooden panels, fantastic greeting.. what is there not to like?

I added an overlay to the bunting and printed them out, so I could create a 'proper' card. I carefully cut around the outside of the lace as to not lose any of the stitching detail.

The flowers were done using the bloomers flowers on the disc and then cut into and curled with a pair of tweezers to give them more dimension.

Look at the greeting.. isn't it just perfect? I love this style of card... and you know what? I think I may just make some more!!

Onto my next project for you.. and this is a quick, very easy, scrapbook page.

I started with a plopper from the disc, and just pulled in my photos and placed them behind the frames. This is going to be the front page of a 2012 album to record my very pretty flowers that I grew all by myself!!!

The only thing I had to add on to the page - other than the photos, was the lettering  DIARY and the journalling up at the top.

I have TOTALLY  loved working with these two new discs - Happy Birthday to you, and Birdsong. I am sure, if you managed to grab yours, that you will fall in love with them too!!


  1. Hi Jo....its still Wednesday night here! lol
    So sorry about Keira...such a darling pic you've shared of her...she's a lovely and a lucky girl to have you all as the very best parents. Sucks to have to make that decision and i know you will all miss her very much when she goes.
    On a cheerier note....
    The cards you made are so lovely!!! Love the neutral colour scheme! Not too feminine not to masculine!
    Lots of love n hugz to you all xoxo

  2. Dear Jo
    As a totally devoted animal lover who was a doggy person but has been adopted by the neighbours kitties to the point of being a total convert I felt I had to send a hug to you and Kiarra, The years spent loving and caring for our pets and they us.. Make it such a difficult time for us to let them go when needed to but the unconditional love means the decision however hard when time comes will be the right one. Im so very sorry that she now has this challenge in her and your lives she looks a total sweatheart and her lovingly holding your hand in her poor says she understands.
    I sat and held my dog when the time came to say goodbye and I have also lost my husband and I can say the feeling is very very strong and the loss of a friend is still the same.
    Love her as she will you for as long as you can , I know you will as your a lovely lady. sorry again but all good wishes for her and you.
    Kim xxx

  3. Sorry to hear your news. Pets aren't just pets are they. She's a big part of your family and Im not surprised its a shock for you. Hope you get lots more special time together xx

  4. Jo, so sorry to read the sad news about Kiarra's illness and the difficult decision that faces you. I know that as an animal lover you have given her the best life and that's all a pet can ask for, my thoughts are with you and having lost my beloved Golden Retriever who was a faithful and loyal companion through 15 years, many of them difficult times for me, I understand the difficult time that lies ahead for you. Make the most of your last days together and know that I care and am sending hugs to you x

    Your card and scrapbook page are beautiful, I love the wooden panel, it's just perfect!

    Dawn x

  5. Oh, BIG hugs to all.
    Take care

    Jackie and Bob


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