Monday 17 December 2012

Frosty mornings....

Good morning all!

Well, it's finally warmed up a little this last couple of days, thankfully, but I just wanted to share a couple of photos from our doggy walks in the woods. 

It was a really bad frost last week, as most people across the UK had I think, but it did look really lovely. Just a shame I didn't take my camera with me up to the woods, as the pics would've been far better than these ones that were taken on my mobile... but I think they're still nice. 

Frosty mornings are just perfect for the furballs as they tend not to get too wet or muddy... however, try telling that to little Truly who is always determined to have her belly and feet dried come rain, shine or snow! Daft dog!

 Spot the Spangol.... Scooby our little Springy spangol was running around like a loon - probably smelling the rabbits I guess.

I hope the weather has warmed up a little where you are this morning. I know it's supposed to get cold again this week, but a few days of warmth has done me the power of good.. lol..

Have a great day everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. aww bless! Scoobs is such a clown isn't he ! No frost here in Bowmanville yet...just rain, rain, rain...sigh it sure doesn't feel very Christmasy here without a wee dusting of snow! But i'm not complaining mind you as long as we get a wee bit on christmas eve i'm happy! Lovely pics you took!!! Love the frost!
    hugz of love xxxxx


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