Monday 26 November 2012

Wonderful nature......

The weather has really taken a turn for the worse this past week - lots of flooding everywhere, over 200 flood warnings, flood alerts and the like, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone stays safe out there. 

We're very lucky to not live anywhere near water, so I don't quite need to grow my waterwings and webbed feet at the moment!

So, today... I'd like to share a few photos with you to celebrate nature at it's best. 

This first photo was of some funghi that the hubby noticed when out walking with the woofers. He came home and told me about the small collection that was going on under the said tree, so I ventured out, armed with his fuji camera and snapped these beauties!

Ever since I did my photography course years ago (and yes, I have letters after my name as a result!) I have loved  taking natural history photographs. In fact, my final assesment was flora and fauna, and I even managed to have a four page spread in Amateur Photography as a result!! So chuffed was I!

Anyway, I digress..... Red Caps (the Fly Agaric) are amongst my favourite funghi - so bright and colourful against the autumn tones that you'd find them nestled amongst at this time of year.

This little one was just sat all by itself, and I thought the leaves just added to the feel of the picture. I think these funghi are pretty cool.. I hope you do too!

Now.. this little view is from the back of the house. My daughter shouted me - as she has a thing about clouds! - and told me that the sky looked beautiful... so again, grabbed hubby's small fuji camera (because it's quicker to find!) and snapped this picture. Cool eh?

I did darken the image VERY slightly, so the houses were more in silhouette.

I hope you like today's post.. back with crafty bits and bobs tomorrow - I spent yesterday making my room a little tidier, so I can now at least get to the desk! That's always a bonus isn't it.. lol.

Until next time!!!


  1. oh Jo amazing amazing pics love them all :-)just shows you don't need big fancy flashy cameras to get awesome pics xx

  2. You're photography is just simply amazing Jo!! Even my photos that won prizes in our country fairs don't hold a candle to yours!!!! Stunning sunset too!
    xoxo hugz

  3. These photos are wonderful, what a lovely post and just as creative as your more usual inky, sticky type!


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