Wednesday 19 September 2012

a little time off...

Yes. As you may have guessed, my blog is now opened up again and ready for business.

I did intend to keep it private until I'd done it up with a bit of poshy-ness, but with one thing and another this is not going to happen for a little bit longer.. however, you can see there's nothing new going on here, no cards to show, no great exciting news... but at least it's open for you all to read. lol.

I've also still been pondering over the use of Facebook / Twitter and social networking as a whole. Now, blogging I like. Facebook I don't. Twitter - well, why????!!! There must be a reason for twittering, but I just don't see it... maybe it's just because my life isn't complete in 60 letters or less (or however many random letters I can use!)

But anyway. I'm back. Watch this space. Life is being planned out as we speak, and I will be back with things to show - alas, no samples from this months demo's as some unkind and very selfish person decided to pinch them off my table last week in Southport... but at least I can make more. Keeping cards safe when you're demonstrating, how do you do it?!

Until next time... toodle pip!


  1. Sooooooi glad your back :-) dont be put off by the S'port thief!!!! We all love you lots, sometimes its nice to 'chat' rather than demo all the time, no matter what you do Jo your AMAZING see you soon
    julie xx

  2. So nice to be able to see your blog again...have been for a visit a few times..but it wouldn't let me in lol!!! Just had a stroll around and you've made some fantastic cards since I was last here...but that's not surprising as your cards are always amazing..that's why they go missing lol!! Everyone wants a little bit of your creativity :)
    Love your daughters granddaughter would love them too!!
    Seen you on T.V. too....fabulous...
    Hope you have a lovely week hun...


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