Saturday 19 May 2012

Day 18.... shall I try to do some blogging?

As I'm sat here at the minute in the Green Room in between shows, I thought I'd do a tad of blogging...

I know most of the time that things get ahead of me, and I just get further behind, but in a few weeks after the May Madness is over, I shall have time to catch up on everything Blog wise - all the challenges that our lovely Emma has been posting.. and of course it's Day 18 today.. and I think I may just have managed to get a few posts up. I still have my cards, my challenges, my answers to the challenges to post.. but hey.. it'll all be worth waiting for! (she says..!)

So.. today's Blog prompt...

Day 18..

How do you feel about spring cleaning? Blog about it! Mention your favourite household cleaner and talk about the advert that always makes you buy...or perhaps you just don't do any because crafting takes over your life! Invite a fellow Creativity Club member/blogger to join you in blogging daily. This could be a fun friendship.

Spring Cleaning? Any cleaning? Housework?? What's that.. this is how I'm feeling at the minute with regards to my housework... lol.. I just haven't had time to do much at all - just the bare bones and basics, and thanks to my lovely hubby, the housework has been kept on top of.

However, saying that, when I get a chance, I really love to have a good old chuck out of clutter and a good tidy up. In fact, I did have a good throw out session a while ago, but it looks like nothing's moved.. lol. Time for another when I get chance I'm sure.
My favourite cleaner? Well, any cleaner with bleach me thinks. I love the smell of bleach in the kitchen and bathroom as it makes everything smell fresh and clean. The last one I bought was a Flash with Bleach cleaner, and the best thing about it is that it comes out as a foam... great stuff as it means that I don't get it all over my clothes - now that's a novelty for me!!

As far as the adverts are concerned.. it's not something that I tend to go by. I like to try it myself and see how I go on with the items. Simply put. If I don't like it, I don't use it.

Now... all I need to do now to complete this post is to find someone to be my Blogging buddy... any offers?


  1. I'm afraid Jo it's me and Mr Sheen. I'm a girl that likes to polish! lol! Sx

  2. Oh but it's got to be beeswax for a real polish! LOL

  3. I'm with you .... I love the smell of bleach!
    David always used to say it smelt like a swimming pool when he came home from work and I had been cleaning..... love that smell!

  4. I love the smell of lemon, but I always use my steam cleaner so dont get any smells at all - not even bad ones lol -. Sometimes I do cheat and use Pledge furniture polish as an air freshener and smells as though I have cleaned up lol

    Sue xxxx

  5. At the moment i love cleaning with Avon's peach scented Bubble bath...i thought my friend and Avon rep were nuts but i've converted to it for my windows, counters and everything and its really FAB!!! NO MORE STREAKY WINDOWS for me! And so much cheaper than buying Windex all the time...i put a cap of bubble bath in an empty spray bottle n top it with water! Excellent cleaner and safer for the environment too! The whole house smells peachy! A plus when hubby n i are abit sensitive to stronger bleachy/chemical smells! You can get a big list of the uses for Avon Bubble bath...fab! Good luck n hope you try it!
    xxxx Lesley


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