Wednesday 19 October 2011

Punches and Dies..

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the lateness of this post - and the others I meant to put up over the weekend! - but things have just been a bit hectic recently.

First things first, and yesterday was the day that the new My Time to Craft Challenge went live, and the theme this week was Punches and Dies.

Here was my card -

I've used the lovely papers from Docrafts - Forever friends Christmas Tale - and I layered the red onto the white card. I then took a 1.5 inch scallop square punch to cut the second layers. This was the punch section! My die section was the central circle and scallop circle. The toppers that were released a month or so ago finish the card off perfectly. These were layered up with 3D pads and then finished with gems.

Aren't these toppers lovely?? I managed to bag myself a few of the snowmen ones and a couple of packs of reindeers.. I think they're so cute.

In addition to making cards for the Challenge, I've also been busy doing some cards and things for the Creativity TV. I'm off down to Bath next week for shooting the next set of videos - and there are some great techniques going on!

Things in the house have also been rather hectic. Holly has had a few days where she's been generally off colour and a bit sicky.. but I think she seems alot better today. No sickies, and looking quite alert and raring to play. This is a quick pic that I snapped this morning whilst she was out in the garden.

My little pupster! Love you Hollypops!

Mr Scoobs has also got a poorly footsie, so he's off to the vets again later to check and see if it's able to be unbandaged. Does he look worried?? I don't think so! Here he is this morning.. the handsome thing!

My daughter was out with Truly last night on a quick evening walk, and came across a poor little hedgiehog who was a little out-of-sorts. He was circling around the field, not really knowing where he was going.. he was a teeny tiny little thing (around 200g, so really underweight to survive the cold), so we bought him home and made him comfortable and warm. He was fed and ate the lot.. he must've been hungry. Here's Harold (as we named him.. cos everyone knows that hedgies need a name!)

 This photo was taken around 10pm last night, when we were bedding him down for the night. He was quite a fiesty little thing.. very nosy, but oh so cute!

This morning, he was all snuggled up in his towel, all nice and comfortable, and fast asleep. His little belly and feet had warmed up toasty warm, and he rolled himself to a ball when I picked him up for a picture.
This is a really good sign that he can curl up... so he must've been feeling better.

Look at his tiny little nose..

I have a love for the little hedgies.. they're such a lovely creature. It's such a shame that they are in decline.

Harold has now gone off with the RSPCA man, to be overwintered in their Wildlife Centre. So good luck to him, and I hope he goes on to live a very happy life, much like our Hyacinth that we raised a few years ago.

Well.. that's it for now.. more posts will be here tomorrow if I get chance! I'm back to running up and down to the Hallamshire again this week, as my daughter got admitted yesterday. It's been a bit of a tough month for her, but hopefully after her second MRI scan in as many months, we will know a bit better to what's happening and what will be done.

Until then... happy crafting! And thank you for popping by!

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  1. lovely card,hope your furbabies are ok,they look gorgous,harold is a lucky little lad your daughter found your photos.
    sue xx


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