Monday 19 July 2010

Boom... in a flash... GONE!

That's pretty much like what it WAS like this past weekend!! So today I'm having a relaxing morning, and going to see my Stampin' Up Mummy, Monica, over at her house. She hasn't been very well at all this last week or so, but I'm hoping she's feeling a bit better today.

I was demonstrating down at the Racecourse all weekend during the Summer Crafting Event that was being held. Blimey! Talk about busy!!

Saturday was the busiest day of the two, and it was absolutely horrendous trying to get down some of the aisles I can tell you! It was absolutely chocka! Also, the heat in the building was too much at times, but at least we had the odd breeze or two as people were walking past.

I didn't manage to look at everything, but saw some familiar faces and had a hug with a few - Susannah from Dolly Cottage (hope you are feeling A1 soon again), the ever lovely Kirsty Wiseman, Kim and Jon, Jacqui and Marcea and the girls from Lili, the folks from C and C, and how can I forget Linda and Bev - you both made my weekend. And how can I forget the lovely Phyll and George. (We went out for a meal too on Saturday evening and it was!) Now, I did have one person come across to me who I was not expecting to see.. and that was Annette. It was sooo lovely to see you there and great to have a natter - we will talk more later!! lol.

Sunday.. now this was a bit quieter.. but even hotter I'd say. The weather outside was a bit miserable, but inside must have been about 20million degrees at times! Maybe they didn't have a 50p for the slot meter or something.. but I was absolutely lathered! It was lovely to meet up with  Nigel from C&C for a cuddle and chance for a natter .. he is so charming and lovely. Love him to bits.

But.. there was one downside to working all weekend... and that is I missed my little furballs.. (and apparantly I was told a few times, so did you miss seeing them on my blog.. ) so for all the little Pupster fans out there.. here they are!


Here's little Holly - all fully recovered and fighting fit from her op. Such a cutie pie.


Mr Scoobs... he always looks soooo handsome and grown up, even though he's the biggest softie cuddle monster about!


And two of little Truly... the top one she refused to look at the camera.. but this is sooo her! **I'm not looking.. I'm not looking... I'm not looking!**


Sorry about the fuzziness of this one.. but this is just a quick snap to catch those eyes!

Sometimes, if you have to tell her she's been naughty, or if she just wants a plain old cuddly-belly-rub, she will give you the whites of her eyes.. just look... how can you refuse?? So cutesy.

Given the history of Truly when she came to us, she is not doing too bad. She still has many problems, and they will never change, but she is sooo loving on her terms and has finally realised that this is her home.... which is why she probably hates anyone new coming into the house.. lol.  So, if you want to call around, please do - but bring your suit of armour! lol.

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  1. Awww you have the sweetest dogs,they are both sooo CUTE!!!!! I love these pics, and its sooo fun to share your pics with others.

    Have a lovely day!


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