Sunday 23 May 2010

Sunny side of town

Blimey! How hot is it?

It's a well known fact that I hate the hot weather - no sun worshipper in me I'm afraid! White and pasty rules the day everytime. lol.

Yesterday, I travelled over to Brigg to do a demo, and it was a really good day. I had a fan at the back of me, which blew all day and was really refreshing, and at the front of me were loads of lovely crafters! It was really nice being at the Garden Centre too, as the staff there are always so lovely, and Michelle kept me watered all day - lemon and lime water.. Lovely and cold.

As promised, I will upload some step by steps to do some of the projects that were covered in my demo  - I just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten.

Thank you to everyone who braved the hot, sunny weather to come and sit with me for a while.... it was lovely to see some familiar faces.

When I got home we had family visiting from Australia. It was fantastic to catch up last night when we went out for a big family meal, and today, when they came over for most of the day.

They are back travelling down south tomorrow... it's quite sad to see them go again and know that Aunt and Uncle may not be coming back to the UK again.

Well, must fly... it's still hot so I'm just sat chilling this evening. Back to working tomorrow.

Happy crafting everyone!

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