Monday 15 March 2010

Three days in a row?!

That's not bad is it? I've blogged for three days consecutively.. lol. Honestly, I've got lots of things to show you, but need to spread them out over a few posts, so there'll be more coming soon.. lol.

This photo below was taken on Friday after we'd taken the dogs for a walk. It was throwing it down with rain whilst we were walking, but very quickly after, this beauty appeared!

I love rainbows, they're sort of a little magical aren't they? But no quicker do they appear, than they disappear again. It was a quick snap on my mobile - but wouldn't you like to live in the house where the rainbow ends?? lol.

Now, this is part of a collection of cards  I made for my Docrafts Demo last Saturday. These papers are just lovely, and the little mount was made with the new border punches. No need to tell you we sold out completely in this design. Hey ho!
Right, that's all for today.. just a quick post today, as I'm busy prepping stuff in between doing everything else including standing on my head - well, it feels like it anyway. Why oh why do I spend my life just running round in circles.. ? lol.

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