Monday 8 March 2010

Seven days...

I can't quite believe it's been that long since I last came on here - I really need to get posting a little more regularly.

Last week though, I was preparing for the Dabble Day over in Blyth for the lovely Kim Sutton. There were 72 ladies all together, taking turns to travel around the room and work on 6 different tables. Each table had a different project, and I was doing the Glitter Girls Oriental board.

Here is the card that we made on my table -


Besides doing this, I am busy preparing for our other fantastic Workshop on the 24th March over in Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Carcroft. Would you like to nip on over and come join the fun??

I did however, plan a weekend away the week before last with my lovely hubby. We were supposed to have been going to Kent but got rained off due to flooding and the howling winds, so we went to the Deep in Hull. We have never been there even though it's just on our doorstep really, but we had a lovely day.

I really liked how it was all set out, where you walk down through time and then zip back upto the top in a lift which is placed in a tube with water and sealife all around.. here are a few piccies of our trip.


I love these little critters - although I wouldn't like to come across one with me feet! These little 'uns look harmless enough don't they? I think they're amazing.


This little guy was a right little poser! Point a camera at it and it just sat there waiting for you to take it's picture. So cute!


NEMO!! I knew there would be one loitering somewhere and I found him! There were quite a few in this coral, but this little chap was the one that kept popping out.

Well, instead of sitting here waffling, I do have a couple of projects to share with you over the next few days, so I'll go and write those up rather than share all in one post and then nothing for another few days. lol.

I really hope you call back again to see a few cards - they're scheduled now, so whilst I'm out and about this week with work, they'll be there for you to see!


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  1. Lovely card Jo, the photos are great too. It's hard to find time to blog sometimes isn't it. Jill x


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