Tuesday 30 March 2010

My favouritest card..

Hi again.

I just neeeeeeeded to write you a seperate post for this card here..

It was one of my samples from my demo's, but everyone asked how to do it.

So... it's a slight variation of a technique called Spotlighting, which is where you stamp a black and white image, then add a coloured section.. only I decided to take it one step further so I could create two identical styles of cards by using the other strips - less waste me thought!!

This is a close up of the card detail.

As you can see, you stamp two identical images - one in black or a base colour of your choice, and then one in colour. I used brush pens to colour my stamp for this one then blended with a blender pen to pull the colours out a little.

Then cut various sections and when you stick them together, you just line up the picture. I usually lay them in a 'one on' 'one off' type of thing. I'll try to do you a step by step this week if I get chance. It's been a while since I did a video, but I could do one of those I guess.. but it really is simple!

So. There you have it. A Spotstrip sort of card I guess you could call it. lol.

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