Thursday 18 March 2010

I love my Moo..

Every so often, something pops into my Inbox. Every so often, it is a treat for the eyes!

And today was no exception. I got my Newsletter from Moo. I love Moo!

Nope. She's not a moo-cow, she's a little card company and I love 'em! I have a few packs of them now, and I must say, they're mighty addictive!

Here's them - (not mine though!)

They're soooo cute........and they come in a little box for safe keeping.... and you can buy a little keyfob to store them.. and they're made from a protective plasticky coating. Wonderful!

Today however, was an extra special day for me, as they have just bought out their Moo book. I've looked and eyed it up and can't believe the projects, ideas and inspiration that is in there.

Now .. where can I buy one?!

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