Wednesday 13 January 2010

Time for a catch up I think..

I have been on a bit of a whirlwind for the last week or so, and I'm sat here now - 12.15pm on Wednesday, actually able to sit and catch up on my blog!

My blogging has been slipping a little bit lately, I've just had no time to update it, and no time to take photos from my camera to my computer! I'm sure you know how it is.

So. What have I been upto?

Since last time I wrote, I have been doing lots of crafting. I was preparing samples and demo's for a few days down in Peterborough for the POTW. My first day down there this month, was on Friday. I had to be there for 12pm, midday, and as you know the weather has been absolutely awful. Thank fully, when I set off, the weather was worse here than there, and when I got just past Lincoln there wasn't much snow laying around. Bonus!

The hour went so quickly, and working with Leonie was amazing. She is such a sweet thing, and we had a bit of a laugh too, which is always nice.

On Saturday was my Docrafts demo at the local store. I was suprised to see lots of regular faces, which had all made the effort to come and see me and spend some time. My lovely downline Sheila turned up to see me too, and as it was near lunchtime, we went for a quick cuppa. The goody bags sold like hot cakes and the product spoke for itself.

Sunday was a very early morning on the road again. I set off for Peterborough at 4am, as I was live on air at 8am. I was on with Stephanie, who is so warm and friendly. A mine of information and a lovely person to boot.

Monday - well, before we get to Monday, I have to say that I was asked at short notice to go back on another show on the Tuesday, and recieved my kit to work with on Saturday whilst I was out working - so Monday was another rush for me. Lots of sample making going on in the house of Austin, and this was all I did until around 11pm at night. A very busy day all round.

So Tuesday was D-Day. Off to Peterborough for POTW at 8am, so left here again at 4am. In fact, driving on the road at that time in the morning is quite good - it's quiet and not lots of cars on the road. I was all really to go by 7.30am, so just a little bit of waiting around. I was working with Nigel, and he is always lovely. I've worked with him before, and he's really nice. After 9am when the show finished I went for a quick coffee to wake me up (even though I don't often drink coffee.. ) and then back in the studio for around 9.40am to set up for the 11am show.

Time came around really quickly, and I was on my way home around half past 12. I did call in Sainsbury's for a quick drink and then the journey home.

So - that was my last couple of weeks in a nutshell really. It's all gone by in a 'whoooosh' but it makes it all the more worthwhile when you get emails complementing you on the day job.. so thank you all - I appreciate them.

Today.. I am feeling the effects of a bad cold caught from my hubby. My throat feels like a cheese grater and I can't quite decide if I'm hot or I'm cold.. lordy, I sound like Katy Perry! You know, my two eldest went to see her in concert in London last year and said she's a fantastic performer. Off tangent completely there..

So today. I feel a little bit headachy, sore throaty, hot and coldish, so I'm taking an easy day. I have some swaps to do for the weekend and at some stage I want to share some projects with you that I'm working on.

This weekend I'm travelling to Peterborough again, with Sheila, to attend a Stampin' Up! event. I'm in a bit of a dark place regarding Stampin Up at the moment and thought yesterday about chucking in the towel, but I have a few things up and coming, so instead of feeling like that, I'm going to plan a few ideas and get sorted. But it's New Year-ish isn't it.. and its cold.. and snowy and weather for sitting next to the radiator! lol. Then next weekend I'm up in sunny Southport for another demo, so looking foward to that.

Stampin Up? Well, I have some technique classes to prepare for, some swaps to make, and samples to do. And you know the best bit of going down to Peterborough this weekend? Well, that has to be spending time with Sheila and planning our Big Event at the end of February. Did I tell you about that?? Well, I'm going to have to shoot off for now, but watch this space.. lol.

It's been nice catching up .. and I promise to pop back with some cards later on.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Loved the shows..I made the other sample cards that you had on..Andrew does such wonderful designs and kits can't wait for the next one...Did my big card that you liked make it back to bradford or not!!! lol..Hope you feel better soon..
    Mandy xx

  2. You have been a busy bee! I missed the shows though, sorry!

  3. Hi Jo. I was flicking through the channels on Tuesday morning and thought hang on, I know that person!! enjoyed the show. We must catch up soon. Hope your feeling better. Take care. Hugs Lynne x


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