Thursday 14 January 2010

Snow days

Hi all.. I'm back again. Two days on the trot - aren't I doing well?

I just wanted to upload some photos of the snow and other bits that I've just downloaded from mobiles - mine and daughter's.

As you know, it's been snowing quite a bit this last couple of weeks.. and actually, I'm just about fed up of all the white stuff!

I absolutely love it when it first falls, then it turns to slush, and without doubt always ice! People start falling over, cars start skidding about and the whole kaboodle turns rather dangerous. In fact yesterday, on our local news, there were images of children crawling across the road to get to school! How ridiculous they must have felt and how dangerous?! Poor things. Where my hubby works there had been accidents too - his work colleagues had had crashes and collisions, people had fallen over. It's just so hazardous.

Looking outside was like something from the Ice Road Truckers. I love this program - and you have to admire their resiliance (is that how you spell it?).

This is a piccie of the tree outside our house.


I just love how the little red berries are sticking out of the snow. It has been fantastic for the little birds to get some food from, and there is a thrush that visits at least every few hours. I always leave food out for the birds, especially in bad weather. They must be getting really hungry. In fact, there were two little bunnies out on the icy, snowy playing field last night trying to find food, they must have been freezing!


My lickle fuschia bush is really suffering too - always leave the growth on the top until the summer! That's what I do and it helps to protect it a little.

Now what else can you do when it's snowed the worse it's been for the last 30 years?? Well, you can......


JUMP! This is little Holly chasing snowflakes whilst out on our walk. The woofers have really loved the snow - especially Truly who thinks it's her new best friend and she can't wait to get out into it!

Not a very clear picture, but here's Holly looking so cute.


And finally for now, Christmas - woofer styleee!)

This is Truly fighting with Martina for her prezzie. She got some chews as a stocking filler, and she thought they were rather munchable!


And here is Scooby opening his present from Carley. Feet stuck in, whacking whoever gets in their way, and munch - definately the order of the day. We even got help opening ours! Great fun!


I hope you like the piccies. I'm just off to sort out my samples from this last week or so.

Back soon !

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  1. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for the lovely comment,not worried about a mention..make them cause I like to..loving the piccs all of your furry babies look adorable...forgot to say you were one of the first people i followed when I started my blog in sept last year...will defineatly keep in touch...take care..
    Mandy xx


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