Wednesday 16 December 2009


I've tried to get myself more organised for Christmas, and have gone through my Promarkers .. these are doubles of, so are for sale. I would like £1.30 each or £5 for this lot, which will include postage. They are unused.

sold subject to payment

Copic Caio

Again.. more pens.. This time Copic Caio markers. I would like £1.30 each for these, all unused. I can then go and buy more of the ones I don't have.. lol

sold subject to payment

Messy Rabbit and Marvy Le Plume

I've got a bit over adventurous with my Messy Rabbit stamps (joanna sheen) and have got this one twice, so would like to sell for £4 including postage.
  • Messy Rabbit - Messy Angel MR165
I also have a few Le Plume markers if anyone would like for £1 each including postage.
Colours are -
  • 4 Green
  • 5 yellow
  • 9 pink
  • 10 Royal blue
  • 46 Crimson lake
  • 29 Prussian Blue
  • 51 Aqua Grey
  • 58 Peacock Green
  • 63 Wine
  • 65 Cherry
  • 71 Spring Green
  • 72 Pine Green

Thanks for looking x

1 comment:

  1. Hiya Jo, If they have not already gone could I get the promarkers from you,. I have just started using them so my collection is very small at the mo. Send me an email with how u want me to pay. Hazelxox


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