Monday 14 December 2009

Doing a little training...

Nope - not of the exercise kind!! But of the Monica type.

As one of Monica's Stampin Up Passionettes, we are given one valuable evening per month where we can go to a training event, organised by our lovely Monica!

This month was really special for me - as I had promoted to Bronze 2 (took bloomin' long enough, but time hasn't been on my side!), so I got to wear the crown lol, and I also had a couple of lovely guests with me. Su came with me as she is hoping to be signing up with me in January, and then I took along Sheila too, who had signed up with me a week or so before. My own little downline!! I can't believe it. They are both absolutly wonderful ladies, who are going to be a delight to have in my team! I look forward to working with them more over the coming months.

Anyway, I did also have a suprise when I got over to Snaith where the meeting was.... our lovely Bekka was there! What  a suprise! Here she is -


We both didn't want our photographs taken, so we agreed to 'have' our photos taken, if you see what I mean. Funny moment.

At the beginning of the Training Session, we go through the 'who got what' and our lovely Bekka got the best sales. Here she is with her prize - a pretty necklace.


Did you see the crown? I got one of those too.. but no photo of me with mine on, oh no!

After this, we have a little couple of demo's or so, and then a few make and takes.. here's Monica just about to show us the projects we were making.. isn't she a beauty? I love my lickle Monica. Such a great source of inspiration. And she is Number 1 demo in the UK.. how proud are we of her??!!


Monica is such a wonderful, kind, warm lady who it is an absolute pleasure to know. A great sense of humour and cuddly too!

Then it was time to play (and a bit of fancy-schmancy photography here!) -


We all had a fantastic time - in fact, I didn't get home until around half eleven, so it really was good! It was supposed to finish at 9.30 lol.

These are the three little projects we made


We usually make one three dimensional project, a card and a technique card. 

More on these another day when I check out the products we used, then I can let you all know too in case you'd like to order anything.And if you are thinking of signing up with Stampin Up, or indeed with me (which would be fantastic!) then come along with me to our next meeting. We would make you feel most welcome. And there's tea and stickies - posh nosh you know!

Well, that's it from me for now.. have a great week!

Love Jo x

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