Thursday 2 July 2009

Sneaky Peeks and Cakey-buns..

After many days of wiggling, I managed to get the lappy to take some charge off my wrecked AC lead, finally! And I am able to upload a few photos that have been stored on my files.

I'm going to keep this quick before the charge runs out again.. so please bear with me if I'm MIA for a few days until my new charger arrives - or at least until I can get on my daughters laptop.

Firstly, here are a few sneaky peeks at some of the projects that are in this month's Docrafts Creativity magasine. I've had quite a bit of parchment craft in for the last couple of issues, and actually, I'm quite pleased with them. I'm not offering you too much to see, to see the projects in full, you'll have to buy the mag - it's only a couple of pounds and you get a fantastic little stamp on the front too!

And lastly, a little bit of sweetness.
My daughter Carley, had a total weekend of partying! Lucky Girl! She had her 6th form prom on Friday night, which incidentally was also the pre-evening of her friends 18th. So she asked if I could make some buns for Natalie, to take with them to the hotel they were stopping in. They then spent all day Saturday at the races in town, Ladies Day, and the evening watching a RnB concert with the likes of Alesha Dixon etc and onto town to 'celebrate' aka get drunk!
Here are the little cakey's that I made - they were absolutely delicious too.. mmmm
They were vanilla based buns with lemon flavoured pinky coloured icing, with little iced shapes on the top, candles and sprinkles. I made around two dozen for five people, and apparantly they all disappeared quite sharpish! I didn't even get one left for myself!
Oh sigh... once on the lips, forever on the hips so they say....
Right.. I'm off, as I'm down to about 30% battery power - I do wish my charger would come.. I did price one up to purchase, and it's around £50! Can you believe it! I'm so glad that the lappy's insured.. so I get it for nowt!

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