Wednesday 18 June 2008

Love, love, love...

Nope.. not me... but Holly!

Ever since we bought Holly home, she has had a fascination for these slimy critters! Mind you.. I do quite like snails myself.. but in close proximity - like in my house! - they really aren't the done thing!

When she does her last toilet call of the evening (!) she goes a Sidney-hunting.. she is obsessed... she knows where to look, and where to find them.. and I'm sure they like her too, because you often can find them crawling up the back door to get in!!!! When she does find one, she picks it up in her mouth and - if you're not careful - brings it to bed!

Now, she does get that sorta guilty look on her face like spaniels do, so you know exactly what she's done.. bless! Thankfully, spaniels have a soft mouth, so in the past year, she has only damaged one.. all the others have gone on to live very happy, fulfilling lives out in my garden!

Here's one she found while Sidney-hunting the other day.. so I plopped him on the fence out of harms way - two big baffoony spaniels and a cocker running about doesn't help the snail population at all...

Now, how can you say snails aren't the cutest - - - just look at his tiny face.. only one a mummy would love!

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