Wednesday 18 June 2008

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy..

Slightly late I know, but here are some photos that Carley had done for her dad.

I have a very lovely friend, Richard, who owns a photo studio in Doncaster, RA Imaging, and he does the most fantastic portraits.. as well as being a lovely lovely person (if not a bit bonkers LOL). His prices are very reasonable and the service he provides is brilliant! We are back again in a couple of weeks for some other photos.. see you then Rich!

Anyway, she decided that she wanted to get Paul some pro portraits done of Holly and Scooby so we took them down a couple of weeks ago. The photo shoot went very well, Scooby behaved fantastic and loved every minute of it, Holly on the other had, didn't quite know what was happening and was quite subdued by it all.. she hates her photo taken.. so much like Asti! Point a camera at Scooby and he poses.. as you can see.. Enjoy!!

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