Thursday 28 February 2008

Giggle giggle..

Oh I feel great today! Thanks Nikki... me and my chum from Docrafts had a right giggle this evening on the phone.. we put the world to rights - amongst other things - and it was a right hoot! We must really catch up more often and eventually get together face to face again. What a lovely lady.. she has just started her blog here, so go and take a look.. add a few comments and let her realise that blogs are definatley the way to go!

We have also decided when chatting that we must have a go at creating our own set of papers - - - watch this space! Trimcruftz coming shortly! lol.


  1. Thanks Jo!
    I had such a giggle last night....
    You're right, we must do it more often!
    I am looking through some pics to send you for our paper project.....

    Nikki x

  2. Hey there Jo,

    3 days and 3 days of posts! How good am I? lol
    I have just put some pics of Dylan up there..... getting the hang of this now!

    Nikki x


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