Monday 7 January 2008

Letter from Afghanistan.

Oh what a brilliant start to a dark and dismal morning!

I was feeling a bit 'empty nest' if you know what I mean, kids back at school, OH back at work, although my son is still at home recovering from his operation from the 20th December. (he'll be off for a couple of weeks more me thinks!)

So, you can imagine the smile on my face when a letter popped through the door, addressed to 'The Austin Family'. I didn't know who it was from, so just opened it to read as it was handwritten, to find this letter inside.

Before Christmas, one of the members of the ST forum, mentioned about service people over in Iraq and Afghanistan who, for one reason or another, don't get cards or parcels at all. She also mentioned about the Springers over there who were working, so... I set to work on three seperate parcels - one for a Male Service person, another for a Female service person, and another for the Working dogs out there. In them we placed christmas presents, and treats and toys for the dogs.. This letter was from the dog unit over there.

I really didn't expect to recieve anything back, and I feel quite humbled that they could take the time to write a letter to say thanks. We are now starting to gather a few bits to send over again, so if anyone wants anything sending, just get in touch. I did quite alot of bits for Charities in the run up to christmas, so this made it all the more special.. Here's the letter....

The main part of it reads:".... Just a quick note to thank you for the time and effort you took in putting together your parcel of goodies for our Military Working dogs.

I am delighted to report that only did they arrive in time but also in perfect condition. Myself and the handlers stored the parcels under our small, but perfectly formed, tree.

The fact that people at home are thinking not only of soldiers but of Military Animals is a brilliant boost to Moral and serves to increase our faith in the great British public.

Many thanks again for making christmas as normal as possible for us in Afghanistan this year.

Signed ................. Officer Commanding

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