Tuesday 13 November 2007

oooh goodies.. forgot to share.

Look at what I got... I forgot to share this a few weks ago when I recieved them.. but couldn't resist you taking a peek.. This is my new wheelie trolley.. the only thing I can say i don't like about it is that it doesn't have handles on the sides to lift it.. but then, the room inside it and outside is fantastic!

On the inside there are dividers, one of which forms a tool holder which you can sit on your desk to hold all the necessary bits 'n pieces. Then there are all the little pockets .. they are all detachable on velcro. You can shove loads of bits and pieces in there and then just pull them off for quick access. The pockets on the sides, well, one of them has compartments in which easily fits in 8" papers and again, in the other more pockets to hold embellishments. There is just too much to tell you about.. but I'll have it with me at all my Docrafts demonstrations for all to see..

and I also have this top bag which I can honestly say holds loads!!

the zippy section at the top opens up to reveal different little compartments for all the extra bits and pieces.. there are pockets all around the sides which are just brilliant for holding glues etc. In the base is a little pull out drawer where you can put ink pads, stamps or whatever you like.. a great idea! This fastens onto the top of the trolley and has a little loop you place the handle through so it doesn't slip off - now this is a common problem I have with the cases that I have now!

Then to top all my kit off, I got one of these new lovely brown and pink totes

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