Sunday 7 October 2007

Our darling Holly!

Oh isn't she growing?

She is such a little darling! She is now 5 months old and a real bundle of fun and mischief! Although I must say, it's a little gentler on my wrists now she has lost all her baby teeth and got her biggies growing! I was going to do my demo's with wrists and hands that were either red or black.. because she's a spaniel and you can't stop 'em mouthing! But now it's only me she mouths, so it isn't too bad and I don't mind really - she knows when enough's enough..

She is also getting very good off her lead. She runs around like a headless chicken, and when you shout 'here' she comes a-running back. She also knows her basic commands and seems to understand what you say. They are a very intelligent breed...........mmm.. that's what they say - although she doesn't seem to comprehend that you can't fly if you're a dog and chasing birds really doesn't work that well!

But that said.. she's adorable and I wouldn't be without her.. I mean.. just look at those eyes! Aren't they soooo appealing?


  1. She is adorable!! It's really strange, I was thinking about your earlier this evening and then I went onto JB forum and saw that you had blogged. You're a busy lady these days (have noticed your name in mags).

  2. Aw what a sweetie!

    Don't forget to come and play over on Scrapping Frenzy!


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