Friday 12 October 2007

Cute Puss!

In fact most of the time she's the she-devil in disguise.. especially if you don't know her... she has mellowed slightly over the last few years..... probably due the fact she is getting on in age - she is now over 10 years old, but still looks young for her age.. Here's Kiara.

Kiara was one of the little kittens that Asti uncovered in a hedge many years ago. She was laying in a carrier bag with her litter buddies, and when we bought them home and had them checked out by the vet, they aged her at around 2 weeks.. the others went onto the RSPCA and we decided to keep this one as she was the only black and white one there. She was really tiny and fitted into the palm of your hand with room to turn! Just look at her now. She's quite contented as you can see..

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