Friday 1 June 2007

more upset!

Well, for the girls mainly. Our Daisy Bunny passed away yesterday morning.. well, I think it was overnight really..

We don't really know how old she was, as Asti 'uncovered' her from some undergrowth down on the industrial estate a couple of years ago. She was very tame, friendly and very cuddly, so we knew she had been dumped... but even though we advertised to say she had been found, noone came forward.
Anyway, she had been with us around 2 years and was probably the most spoilt bunny there could have been.
Oh well.. rest in peace little Daisy, with Asti.


  1. :( sorry to hear about your loss.


  2. Aw, so sad. You really do get quite attached to the furry little critters don't you.

  3. sorry about your bunny-he was adorable.

    you make really cute cards!!

    I put my suggestions on the forums for the 4 songs i like :) Hope that helps.


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